Yvo, the Expat real estate agent in Malta!

In Malta you often rent your apartment or room through a real estate agent. Usually the landlords rent out their living space through several brokers. However, the housing market in Malta is not regulated, so anyone can call themselves a real estate agent. So be careful who you do business with!

The housing market in Malta is so fast that home owners often do not offer a home themselves. Expats and interns really like that Yvo knows what they are used to in terms of living in a different country. As a result, Yvo pays attention to things that the average Maltese broker will not pay attention to.

What to watch out for.

Choosing a good real estate agent

The housing market in Malta is therefore less regulated than in the Netherlands, or actually not regulated at all. Anyone can call themselves a broker and go out with clients. So be careful, because several people have gotten into trouble this way. Yvo has years of experience as a real estate agent in Malta, and therefore knows what to look for when renting a home. Yvo can also point out common problems such as mold due to the humid climate or the conditions in the rental contract. Read more about that below.

Many real estate agents benefit from renting out as many homes as possible, and therefore do not properly guide their tenants. Nothing is more annoying than to find out after your arrival that a whole new building is being built next to your apartment. Then you will have noise pollution for months! Yvo has many years of experience in hiring and supervising interns in Malta. Yvo works together with various schools and associations, so it is very important for Yvo that his tenants are satisfied with their place of residence and his service. Yvo will therefore always guide you well in everything with which he can be of service to you, even after your arrival in Malta.

Where to live in Malta?

Malta may seem small, but the heavy traffic can mean that your travel time is still considerable if you don't live close to your internship. Most interns therefore choose to live close to their internship. The most popular areas for interns are St. Julians, Sliema, and the nearby towns of Gzira and Msida. Since these places are very popular with expats and interns, as well as with tourists, the rents are higher than in other areas.

Therefore, think well in advance what you find important; location and travel time, or do you prefer a more spacious home or room and some extra travel time?

If you have found a place to live

If you've seen a living space that you like, it's important to take action right away. Rooms and apartments are rented out very quickly, and are offered by several brokers, so it may well be that someone else takes action that same day. So immediately make it clear that you want to rent the room or apartment. To reserve a room or apartment, a deposit usually has to be paid. You will also receive a contract to sign. When you arrive in Malta you have to pay the following;

  • brokerage fees (the amount depends on the term)
  • the 1st month's rent
  • a possible deposit for the facilities such as electricity and water

What does Yvo pay attention to when he is looking for a place to live in Malta?

As mentioned, the housing market is not regulated in Malta, so you have to be very careful with who you do business with, both the broker and the landlord of the property. His customers are therefore pleased that they have him as a point of contact should a problem arise with the owner. He also ensures that all conditions are in order, he ensures a good contract, and he will always assist you if you have any questions.

Here are a few examples that Yvo will keep an eye out for you:

Electricity Bills

Do you pay a fixed amount for your water and electricity or do you only pay for what you use? Yvo will of course discuss all this for you, and inform you about this so that you are not faced with surprises.

Rental term

Apartments are often rented out for a year or for 6 months. Yvo ensures that you only rent your apartment for the period that you will actually live in it.


It is common in Malta that you pay for small repairs yourself, and the owner takes care of the bigger things. But sometimes an owner cleverly tries to get out of all the costs. Yvo will always go through all the fine print with you, to make sure everything is fair and clear.

In short, you can always ask him if you have a question, and he will guide you well!

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