Yellow Move

Are you coming to live in Malta, or are you moving away from Malta? Yellow Move can help you move your belongings to and/or from Malta anywhere, from a single box to an entire container or from a small volume to an entire household.

Why YellowMove?

Yellow Move is an international moving company. They are specialized in moving individuals and expats worldwide.

In the Netherlands and Malta, they also do office removals and offer additional value-added services for an international move. Yellow Move is the best partner for expats who move for work. Moving with Yellow Move means that the expat can stay focused on their work. Their clients are companies, international organizations, embassies, consulates and individuals all over the world.

35+ years of global moving experience

They have more than 35 years of global experience in guiding international removals. 

Even though their office is located in the Netherlands and Malta, a move does not necessarily have to be to or from the Netherlands or Malta. They also manage removals and relocation services, for example from New York to Singapore or from Brussels to Hong Kong. Whether by road, sea or air, Yellow Move has all the knowledge in-house and always works according to agreements made in advance. All supported by a worldwide network of partners who all strive for the highest quality in logistics services.

Yellow Move stands for worldwide knowledge, personal service and trust!

From a single box to an entire container or from a small volume to an entire household.

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