What should you prepare when coming to Malta?

Before you come to Malta, it is good to prepare a few things.

We have made a sort of check list, if something is missing let us know so we can update our website!

travel insurance

You never know what will happen when you are abroad. Make sure you have travel insurance. If you then become ill, you do not want to end up with a huge bill.

Expats that are working can enjoy free healthcare. But it is better to also have an insurance for a private hospital.

A good home

Finding a home is not always easy. Tenants are not as protected here as are in other countries. That is why we work together with a Expat real estate agent in Malta.

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Dorm room

There are also student rooms in Malta, these are very well maintained and well worth considering living in.

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Second ID card

Make sure you have a second ID with you, such as an ID card or driver's license. That way you can leave your passport at home and if your wallet is lost or stolen, you always have something to travel with

Debit card

Turn on your debit card function for abroad. Also set a maximum what you can spend/withdraw per day. That way, not everything can be taken from your bank account if your bank card is stolen.

It is good to have a credit card, this to use in the apps like the taxi.

Revolut is a good option if you do not have one.

Find a job

Most expats who live here work in the Igaming. The wages and benefits are much higher in the Igaming industry. It is also easy to get started in the Igaming. Specially when you speak another language like: Swedish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and way more. Even when you do not have experience you will find a Job! 

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To move house.

From a single box to an entire container or from a small volume to an entire household. Yellow Move can help you with your move.

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I.C.E. (in case of emercengy)

Remember too! Who in Malta will be your contact person in case of emergency?

Someone in Malta must have some information about you, such as the details of your healthcare/reai insurance and of a contact person at home. Make sure you have a note with the name and phone number of this person in your phone under ICE (In Case of Emercency) and on a note in your wallet and your bag (or the case of your phone)


Not all medication is available in Malta, each country has its own brands, so you can sometimes get the same medicine, but from a different brand. Your body can react differently to that. Bring a stock.

Especially the birth control for women is very hard to get. Most take a year's supply of this.

credit card

Many payments here are made by credit card. Revolut is a good service to use, this is a prepaid credit card that you can top up with your Dutch bank account, request it on time!

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Get the travel apps on your phone

Malta public transport

Request your bus pass in time! This saves you 50% per ride (even more in the summer)

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COOL rideshare Malta

Cool is the cheapest of the taxis in Malta. You may be sharing a ride, but this often doesn't matter in travel time!

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Ecabs, the black cab.

Ecabs is the oldest company and very reliable. Especially useful if you want to reserve taxis for the next day.

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With this app you can easily rent cars and scooters. More than 450 vehicles available and they can be rented from €2.50 per 15 minutes, with which you are will already on the other side of Malta.

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