27 tips to start getting to know Malta!

When you live in Malta for work or an internship, you will definitely get visitors. These are some nice things to with them on the island. All this can also be done when you are on a holiday!

The central Tarxien Temple under a protective awning.
The central Tarxien Temple under a protective awning.

Malta's history and heritage

Since Neolithic times, for over 8,000 years, Malta has been populated and remains of the earliest inhabitants can still be found on the island. The large structures of Neolithic temples are still standing in the south of the island of Malta (Tarxien Temples, Hagar Qim, Mnajdra), and in Gozo (Ggantija).

You want to know more about Malta amazing and long history? Feel free to read all about it!

Visit the Three Cities

Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua are collectively known as the three cities. Formerly the central point of Malta, now the three port cities offer a fascinating insight into authentic Maltese life.

You can walk through the entrance gate that takes you to the three cities, view the defensive wall and visit various churches. And, as icing on the cake: they all have beautiful views of Malta's capital, Valletta.

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Spend a day in Valleta

Whether you go by boat, bus or car: Valletta is a nice city to visit anyway. With cozy warehouses such as shops, palaces, a vibrant nightlife and countless eateries, you will have a sweet time here. And, of course, how you have a view of Valletta from the three cities, you also have that the other way around. From the Gardens of Barrakka you will find the best view of the three cities.

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Visit the market in Marsaxlokk

Every Sunday, Marsaxlokk hosts the famous fishermen's market. Stroll through the dozens of stalls with seafood, other stitch products, jewelry or linen and come home with a nice souvenir as a memory. This is also possible during the week at the smaller version of the market, along the promenade.

Visit the many churches

Did you know that Malta has more than 350 churches? So that's a lot of churches to visit. For example, go to the large round church, Rotunda Santa Marija Assunta, which resembles the Pantheon in Rome. Or visit the richly decorated great St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta or St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina.

Explore The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a must in Malta. This (natural) rock formation can be found in the south of the island, near the town of Wied iz-Zurrieq. Go on a mission to see this blue pearl from all sides: start with the lookout and end with a boat literally in the cave. Sounds great, right?

Relax on the sandy beaches

Although Malta is not necessarily known for a beach holiday, there are a number of sandy beaches that should not be missing on your list! For example, Mellieha Bay is the largest (sandy) beach on the island. You have the hidden bay Tuffieha Bay in the northwest, and you have the popular golden Golden Bay in the north.

Check out which beaches we recommend here!

Blue Lagoon at Comino

In Comino you will find the paradise between Gozo & Malta: a sheltered bay, crystal clear and quite calm water. That's how you see the tourist attraction the Blue Lagoon in short. It is one of the most beautiful places in Malta and is something you really want to swim in. Or what you at least have to see.

Palazzo Parisio

Palazzo Parisio is a hidden palace in the village of Naxxar. Despite it doesn't look special from the outside, it is a nice attraction to do in Malta. Inside it is like small Versaille where you can imagine yourself through different rooms with beautiful interiors. You can walk through the gardens in no time, but equipped with various benches to sit on and beautiful plants and fountains to view!

Discover the Megalithic Temples

Always wanted to visit a prehistoric temple? Then you have come to the right place at the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples. You have to climb a bit to be able to visit the old sanctuary, but once there: centuries-old rich history greets you!

Address: Triq Hagar Qim, Il-Qrendi

Discover the charm of Gozo.

Gozo covers an area of ​​67 km² and counts about 35,000. Gozo is very easy to reach from Malta and is the ideal location to spend one or two days when visiting Malta. The many sights and beautiful landscapes ensure that there is always something new to discover on the island. Architecture enthusiasts can visit the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin of Ta' Pinu or discover the Baroque architecture of St. George's Basilica.

Rather looking for peace? Then definitely pay a visit to San Blas Beach or take a walk along the salt pans of Gozo. The recently collapsed Azure Window still remains a landmark in Gozo and is still worth a visit.

Ghajn Hadid and Redin watchtowers.

Too small and poorly armed to really stop an enemy from invading Malta, the Redin Towers served primarily as early warning systems should an attack take place. The watchtowers were all built to the same design and were suitable for repelling small attacks, but not a prolonged siege. Instead, the Redin Towers were able to quickly warn the population of the impending danger through a system of flags and fires on top of flat towers. They were about 9 meters wide and 12 meters high.

The Redin Towers were commissioned by Grand Master Fra' Martin de Redin in 1658 and 1659. 13 were built in the first round. Four men served in each Redin Tower and their wages were paid by the universities of Notabile and Valletta.

Enjoy the peace and quiet in Mdina.

Mdina is the former capital of Malta and is definitely worth a visit. In the maze of small and narrow streets you can walk around for hours and not get bored. Every street is magical and the whole Mdina is very photogenic, so don't forget to bring your camera.

The buildings that have been here for centuries are breathtaking and it is especially striking how quiet it is here. Mdina is therefore known for its silence and is therefore called the Silent City of Malta. Don't forget to eat something in one of the many restaurants and be amazed by the cheaper prices compared to the contemporary capital Valletta.

Take a stroll through nearby Rabat.

From Mdina you can also drive a little further to Rabat. A few minutes later you are already there. You will find a beautiful monastery here, the St. Dominic monastery and it is also great to just stop here for a while. This monastery was a scene for Game of Thrones by the way, fun fact for the fans!

Viewpoint at Tal-Mixta Cave.

The Tal-Mixta Cave (or grotto) offers you an amazing view of the Ramla Bay, a beautiful beach in Gozo, and the rest of Gozo. So try to stop at this viewpoint and don't forget your camera! The Tal-Mixta is free to visit and you can easily reach it by car.

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Breathtaking views of the Dingli Cliffs.

The Dingli Cliffs rise from the azure ocean to the highest point of the island, 253 meters above sea level. The view is breathtaking. You look out over the cliffs and terraced fields towards the sea and can easily see Filfla, a small uninhabited island. Whether it's a calm day or when there's a storm, the Dingli Cliffs remain a stunning place. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the view.

Dwarf Elephants and Hippos in Għar Dalam Cave.

Għar Dalam Cave is a remarkable prehistoric cave discovered during the second half of the 19th century. A series of archaeological digs have uncovered bones from long-extinct species such as dwarf elephants and hippos, as well as human utensils and remains that are also the oldest evidence of human presence in Malta. Discover all these unique fossils in the Għar Dalam Cave with the children.

The extraordinarily beautiful Coral Lagoon.

Coral Lagoon is currently not that touristy, but it is gaining in importance. This place is quite remote and incredibly beautiful! The Coral Lagoon is a hole in the middle of the rocks, you can also swim there, but make sure that the sea is not too rough.

The easiest way to reach this place is with a rental car, but for the more sporty it is also possible to rent a kayak. After about 30 minutes you should reach the Lagoon by paddling and then you are really in the middle of it. Beautiful! Don't forget to wear good walking shoes or water shoes.

Discover the natural Blue Grotto.

Another gem not to be missed in Malta is Blue Grotto. This cave was created in a natural way thanks to the current of the sea and the beating of the waves. You can visit the cave in different ways, such as sailing underneath with a boat or enjoying the view point on top. The caves can be reached by boat from the Wied iz-Zurrieq harbor. The Blue Grotto is especially beautiful on a sunny day, as the light reflects beautifully on the stones.

Visit Game of Thrones filming locations in Malta.

Drive through the gates of Mdina, into the famous King's Landing? If you are a big fan of Game of Thrones, this will catch your attention. Also visit Azure window, the place for the wedding between Daenerys and Khal Drogo in the very first episode Winter is Coming.

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How to save money in Malta?

Do you want to visit different museums or do some activities in Malta? A boat trip or jeep safari? Then we can advise you to buy a Malta Discount Card.

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Reptiles and more in Malta.

Due to the climate you have numerous reptiles and arthropods on Malta, rest assured there are no poisonous specimens among them. Most are hard to see in the wild, while others like the Turkish and wall gecko are very nice to have around the house to eat your mosquitoes and flies.

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Popeye Village

Popeye Village Malta has grown from its days as a Film Set of the 1980 Musical Production 'Popeye' into one of the major tourist attractions in Malta 

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The 'Silent City' Mdina

Stroll the narrow streets of Mdina

Mdina, also known as Malta's 'Silent City', sits atop a hill overseeing many of the neighboring towns. This small city is fortified and boasts an eclectic mix of medieval and Baroque architecture lining the quaint narrow streets.

Here's our pick of the best things to do when in town and the surrounding area!

Apps and useful websites

You come to a new country and you have to prepare and download a lot. Here you will find all the links for apps and websites you need and some even have discount codes.

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Living on Malta

You found the island so nice and want to live on Malta? Maybe you second home?

Be well informed and assisted by a specialist. As the organization Your Malta Info, we have separated the wheat from the chaff in the 10 years that we have been active.

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Malta National Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Maltese Islands. It is located in Qawra, in the northern part of the island of Malta, and it hosts more than 175 different species of various animals, including fish, mollusca, reptiles and insects.

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Ta' Qali Craft Village

A Unique Crafts Village With Maltese Artifacts - The arts and crafts workshops at Ta'Qali have been traditionally housed in old Nissen huts on this WWII RAF airfield.

This is a great day out!