You are on Malta, time to settle in!

In Malta you will find a shop almost on every street, convenience stores are everywhere and offer you most of what you need. Of course, the small shops are a bit more expensive, but they are very cozy.

You will also find people here in the mornings, who sell their vegetables and fish from their car or truck. Especially the fish is very fresh and tasty!

I always order my groceries at, they deliver it for free and that is very easy for the heavy stuff!

In your Home

You have found your home! Enjoy living now, a few tips to keep in mind!

Drinking water

The water that comes out of the tap in Malta is not for drinking! The water pressure is low and the water is stored in the large plastic barrels on the roof. Therefore, only drink bottled water!

Air conditioning

Fortunately, most houses here have air conditioning, but no heating. Some air conditioners can heat, but take into account the bill can be high.

 Bring extra warm clothes to Malta, because 12 degrees outside is also 12 degrees inside.


You will definitely experience multiple power outages, nothing to worry about.

However, keep in mind that most houses here have two or three fuse boxes if you have to turn the power back on!


Those power outages always come when it's not convenient. 

Therefore make sure that you always have a full power bank and a few candles to have some light.

Order food

Of course you don't feel like cooking every day, Wolt is the best app to order your food!

Download the app and use the code: YOURMALTAINFO for €12 extra credit on your first orders!

Or click here.

converter plug

On Malta they have an English 3 plug power socket.

If you are unable to bring a converter plug, most tourist shops sell them for a few euro,

Dining out

There are really a lot of restaurants here, all definitely worth a visit. Some of the best that you should definitely visit.

Black Gold Saloon

Good food in a real brown pub! In Black Gold we always watch our sports matches such as football and F1. 

They can broadcast anything so book a table if you want to watch a special match and book by calling: +356-21334808

Location: Sliema


This is the restaurant to try some traditional Maltese food. They have a great selection and a very good wine list.

Location: St Julians

The Daily Gruba

A small restaurant but they can certainly cook. Pastas, burgers and an Indian corner.

If you go here you should definitely try the cocktails.

Location: Naxxar


Besides having the biggest and best selection of cakes and other pastries here, the view is fantastic!

Location: Mdina

Or just stay in.

Of course you don't feel like dining out every day, Wolt is the best app to order your food!

Download the app and use the code: YOURMALTAINFO for €12 extra credit on your first orders!

Or click here.

Ride around on an Electric scooter!

Well a scooter I would call it more of a work of art! Belevari has a lot of choice and you get €2000.- back from the government!


Join the electric mobility revolution in Malta.

At Belevari they offer quality service and quality scooters for every budget.

All scooters get €2000 back with the government discount. (They do all the paperwork for you)

Advantages of electric scooter

  • +€2000 returned from transport Malta (Green Vehicle Scheme)
  • +Service Center
  • +Saving on fuel
  • +Great designs
  • +Simple scooter process (we help with all the paperwork)

Visit the showroom:

110 Strand, Triq Ix-Xatt, Tas-Sliema SLM 1020

Going out in Malta!

There are plenty of places to go once in Malta, most clubs can be found in Paceville, where you will also find our favorite pub Footloose!


Footloose in the middle of Paceville is our favorite pub. Every Tuesday we have an Expat evening here.

In Paceville you will find a lot more clubs!

Cafe del Mar

Another must-see location. Very nice swimming pool, good food and the best DJs who make it a party in the evening.

Gianpula village Malta

Not 1 club, no a whole village of open air clubs. Of everything and several pools available. You will find the best parties here.