Malta Discount Card

Even after 10 years in Malta I sometimes find things that are really worthwhile, like the Malta discount card!

Get up to 50% discount on trips, museums, restaurants and much more! For only €35.- you purchase the card, the card is valid for 1 year!

Malta Discount card

Of course you sometimes go out for dinner, take your guests to museums and maybe you want to rent a farmhouse on Gozo!

Over 200 restaurants, museums, Spa's, farmhouses, diving schools and more participate with this card!

You can get up to 50% discount on your bill, sometimes more on your first visit, sometimes always a high discount!

Everything is clearly explained on the website!

TIP: You also have a holiday version of the card, which is valid for 10 days and cheaper! Definitely worth buying

Order the card online and save!

These are the conditions we have found to take into account!

  • Can take up to a week to receive it.
  • Can only be shipped to a Maltese address.
  • Valid for 2 adults (and three children)
  • Most places require you to reserve which one in advance!

Some examples of the discounts