Malta is an island full of choices.

Every area on the island has different types of housing and public transport connections, so it's important to be in the right place on the island for your holiday, job or internship!

Buying or renting a property that is the question, how long will you stay in Malta and what is your budget?

Of course, for both options the rules are. Be well informed and assisted by a specialist. As the organization Your Malta Info, we have separated the wheat from the chaff in the 10 years that we have been active. We are proud to be able to recommend Ruud for buying a house and Yvo for renting a house.

Renting a house.

In Malta you often rent your apartment or room through a real estate agent. Usually the landlords rent out their living space through several brokers. However, the housing market in Malta is not regulated, so anyone can call themselves a real estate agent. So be careful who you do business with!

We do recommend to work with Yvo, the Expat real estate agent in Malta

The housing market in Malta is so fast that home owners often do not offer a home themselves. Interns and expats really like that Yvo knows what we are used to in terms of living in another country like the Netherlands. As a result, Yvo pays attention to things that the average Maltese broker will not pay attention to.

The housing market in Malta is therefore less regulated than in the Netherlands, or actually not regulated at all. Anyone can call themselves a broker and go out with clients. So be careful, because several people have gotten into trouble this way. Yvo has years of experience as a real estate agent in Malta, and therefore knows what to look for when renting a home. Yvo can also point out common problems such as mold due to the humid climate or the conditions in the rental contract. Read more about this here.

Student Rooms

Student rooms. A perfect solution if you don't have anyone to share your apartment with.

You have several choices here, for example a private bedroom or a shared bedroom. There are houses only for boys, only for girls and mixed. It is very clean and well maintained!

Buying a house in Malta.

Malta is a beautiful archipelago consisting of 7 islands, 3 of which are inhabited. There is a large expat community and already many expat homeowners.

Malta is the island of the Igaming, where many expats work. Also, having a second home in the middle of the Mediterranean is an option.

For more information about buying a house, click here.

Help with your search to rent. 

We have good experience with Yvo, he is a half Dutch/ half Maltese real estate agent who can help you find a good home. Whether it is for temporary or permanent housing. Fill in the form below and he will contact you without obligation.