26 tips what to do on Malta!


When you live in Malta for work or an internship, you will definitely get visitors. These are some nice things to with them on the island. All this can also be done when you are on a holiday!

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Visit the Three Cities

Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua are collectively known as the three cities. Formerly the central point of Malta, now the three port cities offer a fascinating insight into authentic Maltese life.

You can walk through the entrance gate that takes you to the three cities, view the defensive wall and visit various churches. And, as icing on the cake: they all have beautiful views of Malta's capital, Valletta.

Spend a day in Valleta

Whether you go by boat, bus or car: Valletta is a nice city to visit anyway. With cozy warehouses such as shops, palaces, a vibrant nightlife and countless eateries, you will have a sweet time here. And, of course, how you have a view of Valletta from the three cities, you also have that the other way around. From the Gardens of Barrakka you will find the best view of the three cities.

Breathtaking views of the Dingli Cliffs.

The Dingli Cliffs rise from the azure ocean to the highest point of the island, 253 meters above sea level. The view is breathtaking. You look out over the cliffs and terraced fields towards the sea and can easily see Filfla, a small uninhabited island. Whether it's a calm day or when there's a storm, the Dingli Cliffs remain a stunning place. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the view.

Viewpoint at Tal-Mixta Cave.

The Tal-Mixta Cave (or grotto) offers you an amazing view of the Ramla Bay, a beautiful beach in Gozo, and the rest of Gozo. So try to stop at this viewpoint and don't forget your camera! The Tal-Mixta is free to visit and you can easily reach it by car.

Dwarf Elephants and Hippos in Għar Dalam Cave.

Għar Dalam Cave is a remarkable prehistoric cave discovered during the second half of the 19th century. A series of archaeological digs have uncovered bones from long-extinct species such as dwarf elephants and hippos, as well as human utensils and remains that are also the oldest evidence of human presence in Malta. Discover all these unique fossils in the Għar Dalam Cave with the children.