Apps and useful websites you need on Malta

You come to a new country and you have to prepare and download a lot. 

Here you will find all the links for apps and websites you need and some even have discount codes.

Transportation on Malta

Malta public transport

Request your bus pass in time! This saves you 50% per ride (even more in the summer)

Click here to request it!

COOL rideshare Malta

Cool is the cheapest of the taxis in Malta. You may be sharing a ride, but this often doesn't matter in travel time!

Click here to download the app. Promo code for 5 euros extra credit: hidde7c4

Ecabs, the black cab.

Ecabs is the oldest company and very reliable. Especially useful if you want to reserve taxis for the next day.

Click here to download the app. Promo code for 5 euros extra credit: TIMJ38UK


With this app you can easily rent cars and scooters. More than 450 vehicles available and they can be rented from €2.50 per 15 minutes, with which you are will already on the other side of Malta.

Click here to download the app

Order food

Malta supermarket

Malta supermarket, very easy to have the heavy stuff delivered to your home for free, especially to stock up on your water. Free delivery from €75.-.

Click here for the website


A kind of home delivery, very easy to order food at any location!

Click here to download the app and use the promo code for 12 euros (3 times 4 euros) credit: YOURMALTAINFO


Your own couch!

Of course you can just use your own debit card to pay, but with most apps you do need a credit card. If you don't have one, get a Revolut account.

TIP: Set a daily maximum, if your bank card is stolen that day, you cannot withdraw too much!


The Revolut credit card works as a debit card. This means that you cannot be in the red and cannot borrow money. You can use Revolut for all apps (such as taxi and food ordering)

Click here to request it.


The Malta discount card

Over 200 restaurants, museums, Spa's, farmhouses, diving schools and more participate with this card!

You can get up to 50% discount on your bill, sometimes more on your first visit, sometimes always a high discount!

Everything is clearly explained on the website!

Click here for more information.


Times of Malta

The newspaper I actually check daily for updates on Malta.

Lovin Malta

The newspaper that, in addition to the serious news, also brings the light news.

Government of Malta

Sometimes it can be useful to consult the source of the news and check the website of the Government of Malta.

Malta airport

On the website of airport Malta you will always find the latest information about what is needed to enter Malta. Especially with the current Covid situation a handy site to keep.

Click here to visit the site.

Malta weather

Of course, nothing is more important than the weather. Ok we have sun 300 days a year in Malta, but those other days you have to know what the weather will be like!

Click here for their website!

Flying and Ferries


Air Malta plc is the flag carrier airline of Malta, with its headquarters in Luqa and its hub at Malta International Airport. It operates services to destinations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. 

Click here for their website

Gozo ferry

Gozo Channel provides a vital "LIFE LINE" between the islands of Malta, the mainland, and Gozo. Its modern fleet includes three state of the art ferries 

Click here for their website 

Gozo fast ferry

Fast Ferry Service Grand Harbour - Mgarr Gozo. The fast ferry service operating between the Grand Harbour in Valletta and the Mġarr Harbour

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